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Company History

Pallister Financial was founded in 1980 by Brian Pallister. Offering a wide variety of financial services, Pallister Financial has distinguished itself as a leading financial advisor in the communities of the Central Plains. Over the years, the company has earned a superior reputation for technical expertise in the areas of retirement, estate and succession planning.

Tom Hyde has been part of Pallister Financial for more than two decades. Tom has a well-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and giving back to the community; he has an excellent record of community service. Tom’s strong farm background has fueled his desire to see farm families prosper now and in the future.


At Pallister Financial, business succession planning is our focus. We are pleased to offer confidential, custom-designed and written farm retirement and succession plans. Helping you keep what you have earned with your family and your community is what we are all about. Get us working for you.

Our Mission

“To assist our clients in the creation and development of comprehensive retirement, estate and financial plans; utilizing the finest products and techniques available; while bearing in mind that the future of our company depends on the financial success of our clients.”

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Our Founder

Brian Pallister, former Premier of Manitoba, started in the financial services industry in 1980 at the age of 25. He worked with passion and commitment to build solid working relationships with our clients. In the 1990’s Brian was called to enter politics and was honoured to serve and represent the people of Manitoba at both the provincial and federal levels. Brian’s expertise and compassionate ideals continue to lead Pallister Financial as we celebrate more than 40 years of outstanding service.

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