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Why Should I Go West?


Succession, Estate and Retirement Planning is Our Business!

Pallister Financial Group has specialized in helping farm families achieve financial success for over twenty-five years.  Our goal is to help you achieve your goals - and we can. 

What is a Well Executed Strategic Transition (WEST)?

Business surveys show that while only 1 in 10 farm families have completed a written succession plan, those who do receive much greater returns, financial stability and family unity. Over 70% of small business owners state that doing a succession plan has provided greater financial stability and business opportunities to their operation. Despite the importance of succession planning, it is a fact that people spend more time planning a vacation than they do their estate.  

The GO WEST planning process is made to help farm families’ transition into the next stage of their operation and gain the benefits of a successful succession strategy. There are three main pillars of every GO WEST plan: the retirement plan, the estate plan and the succession plan.

Your Retirement Plan

Your retirement plan will help you, as a farm owner, to have confidence that your retirement income and lifestyle goals are achievable. 

Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan will help you design a fair estate division for your heirs.  In this plan, you will find solutions to achieve an estate plan you feel is fair, and the strategies you can use to keep the farm running as smoothly as possible.

Your Succession Plan

Your succession plan will prepare your family business for transition to the next generation. 

So why should I Go West?

1. Planning Pays

It is important to capture the benefits of good succession and retirement planning. 

2. We Help You "Keep What Is Yours"

STOP Estate Erosion and REDUCE fees, charges and taxes

3. Preserve Family Unity

Treat family members equitably by talking through your plans

4. Protect Your Legacy To Pass It On

Use our expertise to ensure a smooth and cost-effective succession

Pallister Financial Can Put It Together. 

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